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Welcome to Civitas Homepage

There was a web forum and an old site. The forum is long gone, and the old site is not public any more (but it is not lost).

We are listed at CSDb.


2023-07-23 :: Has the update frequency doubled?

…well again ±1 year. But it's not becoming more alive again.

Just like the last time, the software to create/update the site became unmaintained. This is a switch from the static blog generator Tinkerer to the static site generator and flat file CMS Lektor. Although there is a reStructuredText plugin, the text was easily converted to Markdown format, that Lektor uses by default.

As a content management system, it is more flexible than a blog regarding the structure of the site. It is also possible to create content from data sources like JSON or INI files. The member list page was generated from a JSON file that in turn is based on the XML from a CSDb webservice query.

The ”design” is looking more like the next to last version, the one before the blog. The CSS is quite minimal and leaves much to the user's browser defaults and preferences.

2017-07-14 :: An update every 10 years…

…well ±1 year. It’s not completely dead, just almost.

After learning the URL pointed to the wrong place for quite some time I decided not just to fix that, but also to update the site again. After more then ten years.

The site is still statically generated from reStructuredText sources, but the build system changed from rest2web to Tinkerer. It has a more blog like structure now.

A little CSS tweaking on Tinkerer’s minimal5 theme reminds of the old ”design” but a bit slicker and more modern.

Old VICE builds packaged as RPMs (last was VICE 1.19 build on/for SUSE 9.1) are gone. The horribly outdated member list is copied over onto its own sub page.

2006-09-29 :: Rewrite of the website & Richard left

Again a rewrite of the website. Last time it was done to cut down maintenance time with a much simpler layout. Basically the site was reduced to only one page. This time it's based on rest2web to be able to generate the site and navigation elements automatically when we add more web pages.

Richard Bayliss left us. He's active in too many groups and decided to focus on the more alive ones.