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Our more or less active members, a.k.a. The roster of the living dead…

The listings are in alphabetical order.

Professions like Coder, Cover Designer, Cracker, Diskmag Editor, Graphician, Hardware-Guru, Musician, Organizer, Papermag Editor, Swapper, and Webmaster from countries all over the world. Well at least Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, and United Kingdom.

Current Members

BlackJack :: Coder, Graphician, Webmaster

E-Mail: blackjack (at)


Brainsmasher :: Graphician

CandyMan :: Coder

Chico :: Coder

E-Mail: chico (at)


Doc of Desire :: Cover Designer, Hardware-Guru, Swapper

E-Mail: docofdesire (at)

Hucky :: Coder

E-Mail: hucky (at)

Zeitgeist :: Organizer, Coder, Graphician, Diskmag Editor, Swapper [founder]

Past Members

Black Joker :: Graphician, Musician, Swapper

Braindeath :: Diskmag Editor, Swapper

The Name? „Well, in case ya know the splatter movie "Braindead" by Peter Jackson - that's the story :) .“

Catweazle :: Diskmag Editor, Swapper

Datrax :: Musician

Der Holzfäller :: Diskmag Editor, Papermag Editor

The Name? „"Der Holzfaeller" means "The lumberjack" and that's his job.“

Exile :: Graphician

Firebird :: Coder, Diskmag Editor, Swapper

FRaNKy :: Graphician

The Name? „On the Amiga I had several handles and ended up using Frankenstein because at the moment I didnt found anything better. Then with modemtrading I teamed up with Maddy and started to use "Maddy & Franky" as the BBS logins. And so 'FRaNKy' stayed as a handle for close to 10 years now.“

Fzool :: Swapper

G-Fellow :: Musician

The Name? „My first nickname was Short-Circuit and I did use this one in the demo group 'Future Technologics 2009'. My second handle was G-Force. But when the graphics card 'Nvidia GeForce' came out, i decided to search a new handle and this was G-Fellow. The G and F represent my first and family name.“

E-Mail: g-fellow (at)


JSL :: Graphician

Linus :: Musician

LordNikon :: Coder

Megatron :: Graphician

Mr. Linger :: Coder, Swapper

Nightlord :: Coder, Musician

Paradizer :: Graphician

Pingo :: Coder, Graphician, Musician

Puterman :: Coder, Musician

The Name? „The name was taken from Zalma Puterman, a philosophy lecturer at Uppsala university.“

Raven :: Swapper

Red Eagle :: Musician, Swapper

Richard :: Coder, Musician

Robin Hood :: Diskmag Editor, Cover Designer

The Name? „adapted from a famous outlaw living in sherwood forest, gb. “

Rough :: Cracker

The Name? „just looked up in the dictionary, sounded good to me as 14 years old boy...“

Snoky :: Coder, Swapper

Sputnick :: Coder

Tadpole :: Swapper

Taxim :: Coder, Musician, Diskmag Editor, Swapper

The Syntax Virus :: Diskmag Editor, Swapper

The Name? „In the early days of his c64 career he thought that the "?SYNTAX ERRROR" was a bad virus ;-). “